How to Become an App Developer for Android, iPhone in 2022

Whether you want to become an iOS developer or an Android one, you must learn a few main technical skills. Keep in mind that different frameworks and programming languages are used for iOS and Android operating systems. That’s why it is recommended that you choose the right fit. If you want to develop an app for both operating systems, learning cross-platform languages is better. Coding bootcamps and mobile app development bootcamps offer accelerated routes to a mobile app development career. Without the general education courses of a degree program, they focus solely on job skills. Mobile app developers need to know programming languages such as Swift, Python, Java, Flash, and SQL, depending on whether they work with iOS or Android operating systems.

  • That’s why talented App Developers command such a hefty salary and great benefits.
  • Many mobile app development jobs (freelance or full-time) are remote.
  • On average, the salary of an application developer is $70,438, with a range of roughly $50,000 to $101,000 earned each year.
  • This article explains how to become an application developer without learning to code.
  • Create your profile, pass Turing Tests and get job offers as early as 2 weeks.
  • Expand your network by joining forums or signing up with professional associations.

You will find many tutorials and videos to help you learn to code. It helps you break down the complexity of the iOS development program into small basic parts for easy understanding. If you are learning to develop apps to create your own products, then Swift would be a wise choice. Swift was introduced in 2014 and since then, it has received mostly positive feedback. Find out more how to start your career and getjobs in computer technology. In case you face any challenge while developing your first app or want help from professional developers, then you can get in touch with us. Our expert team of developers will provide you with the best possible guidance.

How To Become a Mobile App Developer

But you should also be ready for general technical and behavioral questions relevant to all mobile developers. While coding is a big part of mobile development, UX/UI design should carry equal weight. Focus as much on design as you would on functionality, and take online courses, join bootcamps, or enroll in online colleges that can equip you with the necessary skills. In addition to a college degree, you can boost your skills and qualifications by signing up for a boot camp program or enrolling in a developer’s academy. Sites like Coursera, Udemy and Lynda offer intensive programs designed for specific mobile platforms. You can also learn more by using resources online, following blogs, reading books and watching videos.

How to become a Mobile Developer

It is also a general-purpose programming language that also thrives in cross-platform app development. Mobile app developers indicate that iOS development is faster and easier to master than Android. The Swift language used for iOS app development is more efficient than Java or Kotlin languages used in Android development. If you aren’t sure whether you want to become a mobile app developer, lack development experience, or just need a refresher you can access coding practice websites.


For example, you can learn HTML and CSS for web development, and JavaScript is the best for front-end development. Others like CSS and Java are the most popular for app programming. However, there’s a long list of programming languages, such as Python, Swift, and Kotlin, which produce outstanding results for app development. While some apps use C++, the majority of the Android apps are written using Java programming language. That’s why it is an essential technical skill for an aspiring Android app developer to learn Java and its elements. You will also need to familiarize yourself with Kotlin to develop cross-platform apps. Some apps can be launched exclusively on a single mobile operating system.

How to become a Mobile Developer

Objective-C was the main programming language used by Apple for iOS before Swift was introduced. Since it has been around since 1984, Objective-C still represents a significant proportion of Apple’s code base. Swift and Objective-C were listed as No. 19 and 20, respectively, on the TIOBE index for March 2021. Upwork listed Objective-C as the top-paying programming language by the hour for freelancers in September 2020. Swift is a general-purpose compiled coding language released by Apple in 2014. It offers better type safety, security, and performance than Objective-C, according to TechRepublic contributing writer Cory Bohon. Swift is used for developing for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS and Linux.

Best project management software and tools 2022

Alternatively, you could learn to write the software using Objective-C. It’s older than Swift but still widely used for iOS development. To complete a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, for example, you would need to spend between three and six years in school. A degree in one of these fields enhances employability but does not guarantee a job. To give a further boost to your prospects, you could complete a one-year or two-year Master of Science in Computer Science. The education industry involves working in an environment that implements and teaches various skills and applicable material.

  • Read on for a step-by-step guide to the skills and training needed to launch an in-demand and well-paid career.
  • It doesn’t really matter what you develop, as long as it works and is functional.
  • Once your app development part is over, go for the testing part because new apps always have a bug.
  • This way you’ll know if you’re on the right track towards getting the position.
  • Other degrees in relevant fields can also help, such as in software development.

Working on designing an app can help you apply the skills you learn. This can also help give you something to add to your professional portfolio and show potential employers your ability to code and design.

Communication skills

App developers interact with user experience designers to guarantee that the app design is appropriate to the demands of consumers. They also collaborate with business leaders to assist with the launch of the app. Learn Dart programming in depth from an actual Google Developer Expert.

What kind of apps are in demand 2022?

  • Rise of 5G. The 5G technology has been around for a while.
  • Apps for Foldable Devices.
  • AR & VR.
  • Wearable App Integration.
  • Food & Grocery Delivery Apps.
  • Mobile Entertainment & Gaming.
  • AI & Machine Learning.
  • There Will be More Focus on Mobile App Security.

Use programming languages and tools to create both iOS and Android apps. The harsh reality with mobile software is that bugs are inevitable. Fixing those bugs can be an enormous and costly undertaking. A good mobile application developer will have the capacity to streamline this process and make it pain-free for all of the relevant stakeholders. Beyond clean code, several things go into the high performance of a mobile application.

Get Familiar With Key Programming Languages

Your day-to-day duties as a mobile developer will depend on your company and the level of experience required to do your job. However, there is a core set of duties that you will be expected to perform regardless of your specific circumstances. Developing for Apple devices requires a specific set of tools.

Who earns more iOS or Android developer?

Mobile App Developer Salary Key Data Points:

iOS app developer salary highest in the US is $115k / year. Android app developer salary highest in the US is $113k / year.

We’ll even cover topics like how to estimate the cost of building mobile apps. A coding bootcamp is a 3 to 18 months course that provides hands on programming training that technology companies are looking for. IOS developers can expect to earn over $113,000 on average and $171,500 on the higher end. Android developers, on the other hand, earn over $111,000 he more experienced ones can rack up to $162,000 per year. Remember, these salaries do not include stock options or other employee benefits, so you should keep that in mind when searching for a job. Many Android apps use the Material Design framework which was created by Google in 2014. You should know how this works in designing and developing new apps.

Mobile application developers may work for large technology companies or small startup businesses. Then start with the basics of programming and API that are required to develop apps. You can also learn through various courses or books on software development.

It is a certification that is actually earned in two clear steps, which is why it carries so much weight. The retail landscape has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Retail was once a brick-and-mortar industry, comprised of small, independently owned-and-operated businesses and large chain stores with multiple outposts throughout the c… Speak to a Learning Advisor to learn more about how our bootcamps and courses can help you become an iOS Developer. BrainStation is the global leader in digital skills training, empowering businesses and brands to succeed in the digital age.

  • Update your resume to highlight your skills and experiences.
  • Here’s a quick guide showing how you can prove your credibility as a developer.
  • Uploading the binaries in Xcode is another common stumbling block.
  • Then, you can start reaching out to local businesses, non-profits, or even friends and family to assist with web development projects on the side.
  • It is a certification that is actually earned in two clear steps, which is why it carries so much weight.

In case you need help, then refer to these blogs to find the best iOS app development courses and Android app development courses for beginners. We have shared a detailed comparison of all the courses, so you know which course will perfectly fit your requirements. Also, the list has free and paid training programs to help you get a comprehensive set of training materials. Thus, choosing either iOS or Android will be a win-win situation for you. Please ensure that both the platforms are entirely different from each other, so you better cover one at a time.

How to Become an Application Developer

Mobile Engineering is one of the hottest fields in the tech industry. Over four billion internet users currently own smartphones or tablets—a number that keeps getting larger. Even better, estimates by the Bureau of Labor Statistics project a thirty percent growth in job opportunities for software developers, including mobile engineers, by 2026. If you’re looking for a career path that offers interesting projects, attractive salaries and solid potential for growth, becoming a mobile engineer is a great pick.

How to become a Mobile Developer

App development isn’t just a skill or hobby, and it provides you with a huge earning potential working in different capacities. Moreover, you can choose a career based on your interests and preferences. For instance, if you are detail-oriented and love to find mistakes, you can become a tester. Similarly, if you don’t want to work for an organization full-time, becoming a freelance developer can help you make a living.


You can even receive a valid certificate at the end of the online course. It is a unique programming language perfect for developing highly advanced Android applications.

They can do this by using strong encryption methods and by vetting third-party libraries before they are used in an app. The hourly wage for a mobile application developer varies widely from $21 to $150 per hour, depending on experience and location. The national average salary in 2018 was around $100,000 per year. We have already shared one report from Payscale to check the average salary of mobile app developers. Now, we will check the individual salary reports for iOS and Android app developers.

How To Become a Mobile Applications Developer

Imagine you work for Simco Sports, Inc., on their software development team. The Marketing Department has commissioned a project for the team to develop a mobile app How to become a Mobile Developer to enable users to find sporting events they would like to attend. Design, develop, test, and publish apps for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

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