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For any production the prime objective is its consumption, these channels include wholesalers, distributors, agents, and retailers including dealers, brokers, and commission agents. Market is a place where buyer and seller exchange their goods and services. It means the sum total of the situation in which the resources, activities and attitudes of buyers and sellers affect the demand for products in a given area.

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Nowadays, marketing research is not only fact-finding and information-gathering activity, but it is a problem-solving and action-recommended function of marketing. On the basis of IADP experience, Kiehl has shown that the “marketing problem” begins to emerge in the process of shifting from traditional to modern agriculture because of production surpluses generated by the shift. Indeed, the term modern agriculture implies a market-oriented agriculture. The scope for moving towards modern agriculture must include market dimensions if the momentum of production transformation is to be sustained.

Which function helps in place utility?

4)Once you mastered to how to choose and analyse to make the marketing strategy is key part for your success in your company. Accepting advances from the wholesalers for the supply of goods is only possible when there is a seller’s market. Determine if there is a market for the product or service. It is one of the most critical questions for any business.

There are many sources available to know the current world business news like Economic times, online stat news and other daily newspaper in local. Marketing is a process of making market strategy which helps also to strengthen nation’s currency, for example of Indian currency value against US Dollars. Goods are to be made available at a time when they are needed.

Most Effective Functions of Marketing

The new agricultural technology is input-responsive. Thus, the scope of agricultural marketing must include both product marketing and input marketing. In this book, the subject-matter of agricultural marketing has been dealt with; both from the theoretical and practical points of view.

  • A market is the area within which the forces of demand and supply converge to establish a single price.
  • In this book, the subject-matter of agricultural marketing has been dealt with; both from the theoretical and practical points of view.
  • The expectations from the system vary from group to group; and, generally, the objectives are in conflict.

In forward markets, exchange of commodity takes place in future time. The prices of different forms of a product are uniform, plus or minus the cost of converting the product from one form to another. The American Marketing Association has defined a market as the aggregate demand of the potential buyers for a product/service.


5.Proximity to consumers- This helps in reducing the burden of the producer as the middlemen are close to the end-users of product which helps to gather the necessary information and reaction. Packaging is the first function performed in the marketing of agricultural commodities. It is required for nearly all farm products at every stage of the marketing process. The type of the container used in the packing of commodities varies with the type of the commodity as well as with the stage of marketing. For example, gunny bags are used for cereals, pulses and oilseeds when they are taken from the farm to the market. For packing milk or milk products, plastic, polythene, tin or glass containers are used.

  • After that, design the product accordingly so that its supply & demand increases.
  • Traders frame the rules for the conduct of the business in regulated markets.
  • What do you understand by the term ‘advertising’?
  • And design plays an important role in the selling of the product.
  • Marketing before production is useful as it gets the product & brands into the public’s minds.

Marketing Mix is the tool for implementation of the marketing strategy. It includes four elements namely product, price, physical distribution, promotion. Product, price, physical distribution, promotion are the four elements of marketing mix. The aggregate of consumers for a given product is called as a market. Or it is also a place where buyers and sellers meet to exchange the goods and services for a money value. Market Segmentation is the process of dividing a heterogeneous market into homogeneous sub markets.

Explain briefly the various marketing functions performed by a modern business enterprise. Retailers create demand for products by communicating with their customers. This demand creation piotroski score screener india is quite helpful for manufacturers and wholesalers. All of you heard about the term marketing isn’t it? Without marketing there is nothing like commerce, business, companies etc.

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‘Bending the customer according to the Product’ and ‘Developing the product according to customer-needs’ are the two important concepts of marketing management. Identify the concepts and differentiate between the two. Firstly we prepare the platform for designing, then test with users, implementation, and integration with the sales-warehouse system. In most cases, the work to generate sales is still ahead of us. Dual Distribution- This includes simultaneously practice of making a wide range of marketing platform in a direct and indirect way.

  • Reducing cost- Like the terms and conditions of purchase, sales and payments hear this will lead to a reduction in cost during a transaction.
  • The agricultural marketing system is a link between the farm and the non – farm sectors.
  • All agricultural commodities have to be brought from the farm to the local market and from there to primary wholesale markets, secondary wholesale markets, retail markets and ultimately to the consumers.
  • Package and label create the first impression about the product on consumers.
  • Its dynamic functions are of primary importance in promoting economic development.

Wooden boxes or straw baskets are used for packing fruits and vegetables. Moreover, modern production anticipates demand; hence, the goods produced in advance must be stored by the manufacturers until their demand rises. Nowadays, storage functions have been performed at different levels by manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and professional warehouse keepers.


The input sub-system includes input manufacturers, distributors, related associations, importers, exporters and others who make available various farm production inputs to the farmers. Retailers perform several marketing functions such assales promotion,advertisingand point of purchase display. They induce customers to buy products of reputed companies. This definition does not include the input side of agriculture.

Is there any difference between market and marketing strategy?

Advertising is the popular tool of promotion as it communicates in a persuasive manner about organization or products or services non-personally through paid media. The advertisement should provide new information or support the information the audience already has in order to capture their attention. It should be able to persuade them and influence their attitude and purchase behaviour. Personal selling or salesmanship is the process of contacting the prospective buyers personally and persuading them to buy the products. In other words, it is an art of convincing customers to buy the given products or services. The decision to produce a particular product depends on identification of needs and expectations of customers together with company’s possible resources to produce it.

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